A Reversed Card

This is a nifty little card trick which can be performed with any pack of cards in any situation.

Get a spectator to cut your deck of cards into 2 piles. Then they are to select one of the piles and give you the other.  Next you turn your back to the spectator and ask them to select any card from their half pack, remember it and then replace it face down on top of their pile of cards.

Turn round to face your helper and openly place your half pack on top of theirs. Next give the spectator the complete pack and ask them to hold it behind their back. Instruct them to take a card from the bottom of the deck and insert it somewhere near the top of the pack, then to take the top card and insert it somewhere near the bottom of the pack and then lastly, to take the top card, reverse it (turn it upside down) and place it somewhere near the centre. The spectator is then to give the cards back to you. When the cards are spread out on the table, the card which they reversed will be next to (ie. to the left of) the card they originally selected.

Want to know how it’s done? This is how ….
After splitting the pack in two and at the point that you turn your back to the spectactor, allowing him to select a card out of your view, you take the opportunity to reverse (ie. turn face up) the bottom card and the second from top cards in your pile. When you place your pile of cards on top of the spectator’s the trick is set and is essentially one of the best little¬†self working card tricks you’ll find!



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