The House Edge; which game pays the best?

With so many games to choose from, how do you pick the game that’s right for you? I mean, obviously, you’re going to be keeping an eye out for the best online casino bonus to give you an advantage, you’re going to be taking into consideration how familiar you are with the games and, hopefully, which one you enjoy the most. But do you also make sure to take into account the house edge for the game you’re looking at? Some of these games will have an inbuilt preference to the casino so that they can turn the odds in their favour and these are the ones that are likely to hinder your chances to win. But the trade off is that these are the games that will pay out more, when you do win you’ll get a nice windfall that offers a massive boost to your winnings. Trying to hit the right balance of house edge and big pay outs is key to maximising your earnings when you play casino games so we’ve helped put together a list of games with the lowest house edges so you can make sure you’re betting your money sensibly.


The House Edge