The Magic Spell

This is a really great way of revealing a chosen card by means of what we could call a magic spell!

How to perform the magic spell:
Get someone in the audience to select a card from the deck, memorise it and replace it on top of the pack. Make a show of shuffling the deck but secretly use one of the false shuffles which you can find in the card sleights section of this web site and keep the chosen card on top of the face down deck.

Next ask the spectator to tell you which was the card they selected and tell them that you will now reveal that card by spelling it on the table. From left to right, deal one card face down for each letter of the word which you are spelling for example if the card was the five of hearts then deal the top card face down and say "f" then deal another card to the right of it and say "i" etc.

When you get to the last card which will be the "s", proudly announce that this should be the selected card and show it to the spectator who will of course say that it is not! At this point make a show of being slightly embarrassed that the trick has apparently not worked but then say is if you have just remembered: " Oh yes of course, I forgot to add a little magic!"

After saying this, from right to left to pick up the cards on the table 1 on top of the other and place the packet on top of the deck then make a magical flourish over the deck with your hand and give the deck of cards to the spectator telling him that now you've added the magic, the trick should work. Ask the spectator to spell out the name of his selected card in the same manner that you have just demonstrated dealing one card to each letter and when he has finished that the final card will indeed be his selected card