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Forcing Cards

Often when performing card magic, it is important to make a spectator audience member believe that they have chosen a card by free choice when in fact you have forced a card upon them. We take a look at forcing cards to good effect.

Two ways of forcing cards:

The Double Turn Force
To perform this particular force, you need to know which card is on top of the pack. For the purposes of explanation, they say that the top card is the three of clubs.

First of all, give the cards a false shuffle retaining the three of clubs on top of the pack then hold up the deck to a spectator and asked them to take a few cards of the top, turn them face up and put them back on top of the pack.

Next ask another spectator to take a slightly larger stack of cards from the top of the deck, turn them face up and then replace them on top of the pack. Your pack of cards is now stacked in such a way that the top part is face up and the bottom part face down.

Next you fan through the cards until you have all of the face up cards in your right-hand and you offer your spectator the first face down card that comes into view. It appears to your audience that a card has been freely selected but you know that the card selected is the three of clubs.
Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of this simple card force sleight of hand.

The Riffle Force
This is a fairly easy way of forcing a card on a spectator.
How it’s done:
Let’s say for example that you want to force the ace of hearts onto someone. When you riffle the cards, you grip the top card – the ace of hearts with the middle fingers of your left hand and then you pull a stack of cards from directly under it in one quick smooth motion leaving the Ace of Hearts in the position that you need ie. their apparent choice of card.

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