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Please select one of the above links to explore some of the card tricks you can do with a pre-arranged deck in order to entertain your family and friends. The following summaries of each trick may help you decide which of these amazing card tricks you’d like to try out first.

Out of This World
Out of This World is a superb and well known card trick created by celebrated magician Paul Curry in 1942.  Of all card tricks, out of this world is generally recognized as the finest self working card trick ever invented. It is frequently referred to as “the trick that fooled Winston Churchill.”

3 In a Row
This is a card trick in which a volunteer selects a card from one of three different stacks of cards on the table. The magician is then able to discover the card chosen at random purely by card counting.

Ace Inspector Spade
In this wonderfully entertaining card trick the magician tells a fantastic story of three german robbers from the Bavarian town of Dusseldork who perform a bank robbery. The deck of cards is to represent the bank and the three 9’s represent the robbers replies (nein, nein, nein) when asked if they committed the robbery at their trial! The magician soon solves the crime with the help of Ace Inspector Spade, an English detective. 

Magical Trio
This is a card trick in which seemingly by magic, a spectator  is able to bring back together three cards of the same value which have been separated from each other.

Suits Me Fine
Is a fun self working card trick which employs a pre-arranged deck of cards to completely confuse and ultimately baffle the spectator. The deck is prepared with one suit, leaving out the picture cards, in a pre-arranged order from ace to ten on the bottom of the deck. After various misdirections, a chosen card is revealed in a very novel way.

“Card Tricks to Amaze and Entertain Friends and Family”

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