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Please select one of the above links to explore just some of the many easy card tricks that you can use to entertain your family and friends. Alternatively, you can read the following summaries to help you decide which of these amazing tricks you’d like to try out first.

Hands Off the Pack
This is a card trick in which the magician doesn’t even need to handle the cards at all and has his back turned to the spectator. The effect is truly baffling for the spectator who in effect performs the trick himself whilst being guided by the magician.

Impossible Mind Reader
As the name suggests will make a spectator feel that their thoughts are being read as their selected card is revealed in a mysterious fashion by the magician.

Amazing Prediction
A classic example of the prediction card trick.This self-working trick requires no skill and can be done with a borrowed pack (as long as the pack is complete).

Reversa Card
A wonderful self working card trick which employs various misdirections to completely confuse and ultimately astonish the spectator. This is an absolute gem of the self-working genre of card magic.

That’s Odd
An exception to one of the normal rules of performing card tricks and card magic in that, whereas a magician should never generally repeat a card trick after the initial performance, this trick may be performed over and over without any real fear of detection!

Double Cross
Another beautifully simple card trick relying on a fair degree of misdirection. Although the spectator appears to be in charge of the proceedings, it seems that the cards keep their order no matter what instructions the magician is given!

Only Time Will Tell
A wonderfully visual trick where once again the spectator does a lot of the work. However, this is a card trick in which the magician needs to keep his or her concentration towards the baffling finale.

Blacks and Reds
Surprisingly baffling although the basic idea is really very simple. This is a good one to try on family and friends if you are new to performing card tricks.

These easy card tricks are just one category from our large inventory of card magic. So if you’re looking for other types of card trick such as mathematical, unusual, marker card, sleight of hand or even poker card tricks,  visit our free card tricks summary page.

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