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Please select one of the above links to explore just some of the many sleight of hand card tricks that you can use to entertain your family and friends. Alternatively, you can read the following summaries to help you decide which of these amazing card tricks you’d like to try out first.

Sleight of hand card trick favourites

Royal Confidante
This is a sleight of hand card trick which actually employs 2 card sleights: the glimpse and the false shuffle. During the course of this amusing trick, the magician gets close up and personal with no less than a Queen who becomes his confidante!

Stop When U Like 
As the name suggests the performer asks a spectator to deal cards until they want to stop. The last card they deal is turned face up and is shown to be the same card as identified in a note written beforehand by the performer.

A Cut Above The Rest
One of the sleight of hand card tricks that requires some practice (glimpsing the top card of the pack and also flipping the pack) but as you will discover, it is well worth it for the effect achieved. You will require a thick, large handkerchief that can’t be seen through and an ordinary pack of cards which may be a borrowed deck if you like.

The Magic Spell 
This is a wonderfully easy, self-working sleight of hand card trick which employs the false shuffle and various misdirections to completely confuse the spectator as card names are spelled out in front of his very eyes. An absolute gem of simple card magic.

These sleight of hand card tricks do of course require a little skill. So if you want to take time out from practice, you can always try some easy card tricks. If you prefer a different type, we actually have a large inventory of card magic where we explain how to perform many other types of card tricks. From mathematical to some really unusual and even poker card tricks. Visit our free card tricks page for more details.

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