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Poker and especially Texas Hold’em poker has become enormously popular over the past two decades. This is particularly so because of the many online gaming and poker websites which have now sprung up across the internet. With this in mind, we thought it would be fun to offer some poker card tricks. Make no mistake, these are NOT poker cheats for when you are playing cards! They are just great card tricks based on the theme of poker. Explore them via the above links or read the summary below of each poker card trick to help you decide which you would like to try out first.

Revealing Aces
In this entertaining poker themed card trick, the magician hardly touches the cards at all (having pre-arranged them before commencing the trick) As cards are dealt into various piles, the magician finally reveals a mouth watering poker hand of 4 aces.

Aces as used in poker themed card tricks

Royal Flush Poker Deal
This poker card trick does require the use of a couple of card sleights but once these are mastered, this trick should be a piece of cake! As the title suggests, after much misdirection and a little card manipulation, a wonderful poker hand of a Royal Flush is revealed.

4 Ace Poker Deal
This is an absolute gem of the genre of card magic and fits beautifully into the poker card tricks theme. After an impromptu game of poker with the spectator, the magician discards four cards and draws 4 aces!

Aces High Poker Trick
In this simple but entertaining little card trick the magician is seen to produce, in a novel fashion  a superb poker hand of cards. The four aces appear to have risen to the top of the deck. 

The poker tricks above are just one category from our large inventory of card magic. We have many other types of card trick you can learn, from easy card tricks through to mathematical, sleight of hand and even card tricks using 2 packs. Visit our free card tricks summary page to discover a whole word of card magic!

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