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Please select one of the above links to explore just some of the many card tricks that you can use to entertain your family and friends. Alternatively, you can read the summary list below which gives a little more detail. Then when you decide which unusual card tricks you’d like to try out, just click each title link to learn how it’s done.

Out of This World
Out of This World is a superb and well known card trick created by celebrated magician Paul Curry in 1942.  Of all card tricks, out of this world is generally recognized as the finest self working card trick ever invented. It is frequently referred to as “the trick that fooled Winston Churchill.”

Willing To Bet?
A fun little diversion and a great unusual card trick featuring a coin and a playing card. The magician puts both the coin and the playing card, one on top of the other on their finger tip and issues a challenge for a spectator to do the same and then remove the card from their finger without touching the coin, leaving the coin still on their finger. A neat trick which most spectators will fail to do leaving the performer to show them how it is done.

Once again, the performer issues a challenge for a spectator to take up. This time it is to arrange six playing cards in such a way so as to be able to lift just one card which in turn lifts all the others, keeping the faces of all the cards visible all the while. 

One Small Step!
One of our favourite amongst  unorthodox and unusual card tricks. This is the kind of trick that it’s hard to believe can actually work when you read about it … but it does! It is a trick that needs quite a lot of preparation but the performance is both easy and quick. The performer claims that he can actually step through a playing card. He then actually performs this seemingly impossible feet feat!

The Ice ‘Queen’ of Hearts
This is a really fun card trick with an ice cream theme so you can try this one out on any friend or family member who has a penchant or liking for ice cream… and you can be sure there are plenty of people out there there who fall into this category!

The Vanishing Ace 
In this trick the magician shows the audience three Aces, fanned out in his hand. The Ace of Diamonds is positioned between the two black Aces. The magician places the three Aces into the pack and makes the Ace of Diamonds magically disappear. One of the most popular unusual card tricks viewed on this website.

The Bendy Card!
The magician tells the audience that he can bend any playing card placed on the back of his hand without his even needing to touch it. This the magician manages to do in full view of spectators without any real fear of detection.

Whilst these unusual card tricks are very entertaining, they are in fact just one type of trick from a large inventory of card magic that we offer. We explain how to perform many more types such as mathematical card tricks, marker card tricks, card tricks with sleight of hand. Visit our free card tricks summary page to find lots of links to a whole world of card trick magic.

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