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Please select one of the above links to explore some of the great, self-working mathematical card tricks that you can perform to entertain your family and friends. We have also written summaries of these tricks (below) in case you need help deciding which you would like to try out first.

Note: Once you’ve mastered a few tricks, you might like to try other types – there are so many! Our free card tricks page has an extensive list.

The Ice ‘Queen’ of Hearts
This is a really fun card trick with an ice cream theme so you can try this one out on any friend or family member who has a penchant or liking for ice cream… and you can be sure there are plenty of people out there there who fall into this category!

It’s Your Deal
An ordinary pack of cards is cut in two by a spectator who is then asked to choose a card, memorise it and return it to the pack. In a very magical fashion, the helper is able to locate their chosen card just by dealing the cards into piles, discarding a few until only their chosen card remains.

In this really astonishing but easy self-working mathematical card trick, a spectator selects a card, then does three simple mental calculations before selecting another card and adding this number also to their total. From this, the magician is able to tell them not just one but both of the numbers of the cards which they chose!

As Many as You 
One of the easiest mathematical card tricks to perform with any deck of cards. The magician shows in a very simple but direct manner that he can reveal the exact number of cards taken by a spectator.

Piano Duets
Here’s a nice little card trick for you music lovers out there. The spectator has to ‘make like a piano player’ before watching as an odd card seems to  have jumped across to another pile!

Mental Agility
Another self working trick in which a spectator is asked to think of a number between one and ten then count down in the deck (which can be his own if he likes) to note the card at that position. In a really cool way, the magician reveals the chosen card to the spectator’s amazement.

Mental Agility Plus 1
In a slightly different take on the previous card trick, the magician is able to reveal a chosen card – even though it is selected with his back turned and it seemed that he couldn’t possibly know which card was selected and its position in the pack! Once again, have confidence as this is a self working card trick.

Count On Me
Another variation on the above two mathematical card tricks. What makes this trick a lot of fun is the fact that the spectator doesn’t realise he has in effect performed the trick himself.

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