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Please select one of the above links to explore just some of the many mental magic tricks that you can use to entertain your family and friends.
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Magic Name Prediction
Is a trick in which the magician gets members of the audience to shout out the names of around a dozen different famous people, either dead or alive and writes them on pieces of paper then mixed up in a hat. The magician makes a prediction which turns out to be right!

Magic Number Nine
A mental magic trick in which you can correctly predicting the result of a very complex series of calculations and then reveal your incredible prediction in an extremely unusual way.

Mind Reading
This is another very impressive mental magic trick in which include the audience they can transmit thoughts without speech. To demonstrate this principle, a spectator is chosen and asked to leave the room and the audience chooses a number and upon the return of the absent spectator, the number is mentally communicated by the magician to the spectator who reveals it.

All 2 Magical
This is a really simple mental magic trick that works really effectively on solid mathematical principles and therefore should never really fail. Every magician needs the odd ‘banker’ trick that they can rely on 🙂 

Magical Mental Imagery
This is a classic old, tried and tested mental magic trick based on a mathematical quirk. It’s a fun trick to try on a friend or indeed on a member of an audience. In the course of this routine, the magician apparently is able to predict the thoughts of the spectator. 

“Card Tricks to Amaze and Entertain Friends and Family”

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