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Texas Holdem Poker

Texas Holdem PokerTexas Holdem has now become the most popular form of poker both online and in casinos throughout most of the world. If you turn on your TV to watch poker then it’s extremely likely that the brand of poker you will see will be Holdem. In fact The World Series of Poker has from the time it began in the ’70s used Holdem poker as it’s deciding game, even though it is in reality only recently that this form of poker has enjoyed this kind of dominance in the gaming world.

Probably the best thing about the game of Texas Holdem is that it is really quite simple. Each and every player in the game has only two cards which are hidden from the other players. The other cards are all face up and in view and able to be seen by everyone and do in fact remain visible throughout. This means that there is no difficulty of having to remember what cards have been thrown away! This can be quite a problem for those without a good memory in games such as Seven Card Stud.

Also in Texas Holdem poker, it’s not necessary to remember how many cards each player has drawn  which is the case in Draw Poker. It is worth adding that all the other cards are communal. That is they are shared by all the players and this results in the final hands at the showdown very frequently being very close to each other in value, since five of the seven cards that make up each player’s hand are available to everyone.

It goes without saying then that considerable skill is required in assessing when you have the best hand or even the possibility of eventually ending up with the best hand and placing intelligent bets accordingly.

Texas Holdem – Types & Advice For Beginners

Although as stated above, Texas Holdem is ostensibly a simple form of poker, there are in fact three types of Holdem and these are: Limit, No–limit and Pot–limit. It’s worth pointing out that these terms actually refer to the betting structures in each game.

  • Limit
    In Limit, at every stage in the game the value of each individual bet is fixed and limited by the rules.
  • No–limit
    In No–limit poker, each player is allowed to bet, if he so desires, his entire stack of chips at any moment in the game.
  • Pot–limit
    In Pot–limit poker, players are allowed to bet up to the amount of the entire pot (but no more) at any given stage in the game.

If you are a beginner at Texas Holdem and are just learning the game, it is strongly recommended that you only play Limit Poker. The other two types (No–limit and Pot–limit) are way too risky for an inexperienced beginner and could easily result in your entire stack of chips being wiped out in no time at all!

Having said this, don’t be tempted to think that Limit poker is in some way inferior to the other variants, as  some of the biggest poker games in the world are played with limit poker.

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