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Texas Holdem Poker Tips

1. Look to play in Texas Holdem Online games where the minimum and maximum amounts are really not too high or low.

2. Keep a close eye on the other players so that you can determine who is a conservative and who is a tight player, Also keep a watch for anyone who is aggressive and especially for beginners.

3. Although it seems obvious to say this, don’t forget that the two cards you hold are the only cards that make you different to the other players and give you the chance to win. All of the face-up cards are the community cards and are of equal advantage to you and every other player in the game.

4. Unless you are a pro player, avoid professional games and great players until you get good. After all you do want to win and you won’t always have the best cards!

5. Try and make sure you sit on the right side of a tight player and the left side of a loose player. Why?

a. You will be better able to judge the cards of the loose Texas Holdem player when they’ve decided on their play strategy.

b. You will benefit from the opportunity to make wild players leave by raising and re-raising their bets.

Texas Holdem winning hand6. Blind-stealing is a tactic which should not be over used The best time to do this is if you are the last player in the betting round. Then you can bet and limit the number of players or just take the pot if other players happen to fold.

7. A good tactic is to be seen to check the size of your opponent’s bet – this tends to give them the impression that you do not have a strong hand.

8. If you are in position to bet first, you may choose to raise once your turn comes up. By doing this, you are likely to scare off some players and cause them to fold. Don’t forget also that following this, the remaining players are likely to have fairly strong hands.

9. A sensible strategy is to mostly only play when you have a strong enough hand of cards giving yourself a good chance of winning. Playing too many hands of cards can lead to big losses.

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