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Please select one of the above links to explore just some of the many marker card tricks that you can use to entertain your family and friends. Alternatively, you can read the following summaries to help you decide which of these amazing card tricks you’d like to try out first.

Come Together (sometimes called the ‘Do As I Do’ card trick) is a card trick in which the spectator cuts a deck of cards in two, keeps half the cards and hands the other half to the magician. They each select a card from their half, memorise it and return it to the pile. When the two piles are put together, the two chosen cards magically come together next to each other. A great trick to try on a close friend or loved one 🙂

Best Buddies This trick is a simplified version of Come Together (above) in that two cards, inserted into a deck at very different points, come together as if by magic.

Turning The Tables  From three stacks of cards, a volunteer/spectator selects one single card and memorises it. All the cards are then merged together by the performer who appears to be unable to find the card making the spectator think he’s got it wrong. However, the tables are then turned when the performer suddenly by magic finds the correct card after all!

Reverse Marker  A spectator chooses a card, memorises it and replaces it face down in a face down deck. When the card magician/performer spreads the cards face up on the table, one card is clearly face down in the deck. It is the spectator’s chosen card. This is a wonderful self-working card trick which uses various misdirections to confuse and ultimately astonish the spectator. An absolute gem of the self-working genre of card magic.

“Card Tricks to Amaze and Entertain Friends and Family”

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