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Tricks Using 2 Packs Of Cards

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Follow My Leader
There’s more than a hint of mind control in this puzzling card trick in which both the performer and the spectator each have their own pack of cards. They both shuffle their packs and choose a card. Incredibly, they discover that they have both chosen the exact same card!

Seeing Red
The performer/magician writes down a prediction and asks a spectator to select any number from 1 to 10. The performer then proceeds to deal ten cards and from these shows how the chosen number has fulfilled the prediction made at the start of the trick.

Process of Deduction
This is a card trick utilising 2 decks and it must be said that it requires some considerable practice in order to remember the sequence of dealing, selecting and discarding cards. However, for those of you who like a challenge, the effect of this trick is well worth the effort put into learning it.

“Card Tricks to Amaze and Entertain Friends and Family”

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