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Texas Holdem Bluffing

Texas Holdem bluffingGuide to bluffing with your cards in Texas Holdem Poker

One of the most important arts to master in Holdem poker play is the art of bluffing. Here are some tips and tricks as to when and how you should attempt to practise this art! But remember, if you get to try out these tricks then don’t come crying to us if they don’t work!

Take advantage of other players weakness.  One of the best times to bluff is when you’re coming into a pot in a league position and all the other players before you have either checked or folded. Remember, your bluff is much more likely to be successful against a weak player who has already checked.

Make it believable that you may actually have a really good strong hand of cards looking for example on the floor gives the impression that you may be drawing to a flush or a straight and this is a lot more believable than if you just plays a large bet out of the blue.

Always remember that it’s much harder to bluff inexperienced or bad players This type of player is the type will try and stay with you in the whole of drawing some miracle card to make up a superb hand of cards. Ironically, an experienced or very good player can be much more easy to bluff.

Don’t try to bluff too many people at one time. It is less difficult to fool one or two or three players than 10 or 12 at the table. The more people you try and bluff, the more likely someone is to call you and discover that you really don’t have a great hand of cards.

Finally, of course it goes without saying that if you play very tight and only bet highly when you have good hands of cards then the other players around the table will notice this and you will be in a much stronger position to play a really big bluff at a crucial moment when you can land a big pot!!

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