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Palming Cards

Although it is probably one of the more difficult card sleights to accomplish, palming cards is something that can be improved very quickly with practice. What palming is all about is simply taking one or more cards from the top of the pack or indeed adding a card or several cards to the pack without the audience seeing.

Palming Cards – How It’s Done

Holding the pack in your left hand, bring the right-hand over as if you’re about to square up the cards. As your right hand is covering the cards and concealing them from the audiences view, you will find you are able to use your left thumb to push the top card slightly over to the right. If this is done correctly, the top right-hand corner of the pushed over card presses firmly against the top joint of the little finger of your right-hand. You will find that your left thumb can now swivel the card into your right palm and with your second and third fingers, you are able to push the centre of the card upwards bending it inwards to follow the contours of your palm with the nearest bottom of the card coming to rest against the ball of your thumb.

Once this card is in position, palmed in your right-hand, it is important to take your time and be relaxed as you remove your right-hand from the pack and indeed it is a good idea to continue to use the right-hand to square up the pack in the left-hand as this makes for even greater cover.

This palmed card can of course can be slipped into your pocket at the first convenient opportunity.

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