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Come Together (Do As I Do)

The effect of the trick:
Often referred to as the ‘Do As I Do’ card trick because very simply that’s what happens! The magician gets a spectator to do exactly what they do and together they perform the trick.

The spectator cuts an ordinary pack of cards in two and they and the performer take one half each. They each choose a card from their half, look at it and return it to the pile. When the two piles are put together, the two chosen cards magically come together next to each other. This is a relatively simple yet stunningly effective card trick and well worth the small amount of time needed to perfect it.

Before you begin this card trick:
You must first practice peeking at the bottom card from a pile in your hand. This is the most important card sleight that you will need to perform in order to successfully make this trick work.

Don’t be put off by this as there really is lots of time for you to peek at the bottom card whilst the spectator is selecting their chosen card. Read more about peeking at a card.

How to do the ‘Do As I Do’ card trick:

Hand the pack of cards to the spectator and ask them to shuffle them, then deal or cut them into two piles.

Ask them to give you one half and they keep the other.

Tell the spectator that you each need to shuffle your own pile of cards.

When this is done ….

You say: “Take any card from your pile, look at it and memorise it. I’ll do the same.”

Look at the card you selected but don’t try to remember it – instead glimpse and remember the bottom card from your pile. Note: It’s important to do this smoothly and without being noticed.

You say: “Now place your chosen card face down on top of your pile. I’ll do the same.”

Now place your pile on top of the spectator’s pile. (The bottom card from your pile that you memorised is now on top of their chosen card).

Tell the spectator to cut the cards so as to lose the two selected ones within the pack.

You say: “My chosen card was ……. (the bottom one you memorised). Wouldn’t it be truly magical if mine had come together with yours and they were right next to each other? “

Hand the cards to the spectator and ask them to look for their chosen card. They’ll find it right next to yours!

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