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Reverse Marker Card Trick

The effect of the trick:
A spectator selects a card, memorises it and replaces it face down in a face down deck. When the performer spreads the cards face up on the table, one card is seen to be face down. It is the spectator’s chosen card.

Before you begin the trick:

Before you begin your performance, you need to turn the bottom card over so that it faces the opposite direction to the rest of the cards in the pack.

How to perform the Reverse Marker Card Trick

Move the deck towards the spectator fanning it slightly in the process. Make sure that you do not let the spectator see the card which you have secretly turned over. Get the spectator to select a card and whilst he or she is memorising it, secretly turn over the deck so that the reversed card which was at the bottom of the deck is now on top. Of course to the spectator it will look as if the reversed card is the top of the face down deck.

Make a quick riffle holding the deck tightly and slightly angled down and as you do so, ask the spectator to push his card back into the deck. Obviously you need to make sure that the spectator can’t see the other cards in the deck which of course are face up. In as relaxed manner as possible, turn your back to the spectator and go to a table and secretly turn the top (reversed) card face up so that it is now facing the same way as the other cards then with a sweep, spread the cards face up on the table, allowing the spectator to see that one card is reversed. Ask he or she to name their card and as they do this, turn the face down card over revealing that it is indeed their selected card.

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