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Turning The Tables

The effect of the trick:
From three piles of cards the spectator chooses one single card and memorises it. All the cards are then merged together by the performer who tries to find the selected card and makes the spectator to think he’s got it wrong. The tables are then turned – the performer suddenly finds the correct card!

Before you begin the trick:
Practice glimpsing the bottom card from a pile in your hand. This is the key to making this trick work. Our peeking at a card page explains the technique. One of the most useful card sleights in magic.

How this marker card trick is done:

Take an ordinary pack of cards and spread them, showing them all face obviously all different.

Close the spread, cut the deck and then square up the pack. As you’re squaring up the pack, glimpse and memorise the bottom card. Note: It’s important to do this smoothly and without being noticed.

Put the pack face down on the table and ask the spectator to cut it into three even piles. Tell them to select a card from the middle of any of the three piles. Note: It’s important to follow which of the piles has the card you memorised at the bottom.

Ask the spectator to then replace their selected card onto the top of any of the three piles.

The next step has 2 options and the one you take depends on which of the three piles the spectator has put their selected card ….

Option 1If the spectator replaces their card on top of the pile containing your memorised card, then ask them to cut that particular pile and replace the cut. This will put your memorised card on top of theirs. You then take all the piles and put them together.

Option 2) If the spectator replaces their card on top of either of the other two piles which don’t contain your memorised card, simply put all the piles together, making sure that the memorised card goes on top of the spectator’s.

You then turn the pack face up and cut it into three piles. Then take each pile in turn and spread it in your hand to show all the cards.

Ask the spectator to choose the pile which contains their card.
Note: At this point you will have already seen the card you memorised and know it’s next to their chosen one.

Having picked up this pile, hold it face down and deal the cards one by one face up onto the table, slightly overlapping each one as you go.

As you deal your memorised card you must note the card that follows it – this is the spectator’s chose card.

Deal a few more cards after that and then stop and ….

Say: “Now the next card I turn over will be your chosen card.”

The spectator will think you’ve got it wrong and notice that you’ve already passed by his card.

You pick up his card and turn it over, face down. You did get it right after all!

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