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Royal Confidante

Sleight of hand required
This card trick involves peeking at the bottom card of the pack which you can learn to do by reading our peeking at a card page. You will also need to learn how to perform a false shuffle in order to leave this card in place.

Pre-arrangement required
Place a Queen on the bottom of the pack.

How this sleight of hand card trick is done:

First, shuffle a pack of cards, keeping the Queen in place at the bottom of the pack. Then cut the deck into four piles and place them face down on the table. It is important to to keep a mental note as to which pile came from the bottom of the deck

Ask for a volunteer to select a card from any of the piles, tell them to look at it but obviously not to show it to you and then put it back.

Next, re-assemble the deck putting the bottom pile on top of the selected card – this will enable you to identify it as it will be directly beneath your chosen Queen. Then put the other two piles on top of that. Should your volunteer select the top card of the bottom pile, get them to cut the pile again before you re-assemble the deck. This will ensure that your Queen will still be on top of their card.

Cut the pack about halfway down (well away from the selected card) and spread out the cards face-up on the table. Gaze pensively at the cards for a moment or two and then say that one of the Queens is trying to tell you something. Pick up the Queen you chose earlier which will of course now be below the volunteer’s card (as you’ve turned the pack over) and hold the Queen up to your ear, pretending that she is whispering to you. Then reach down for the card that was next to it and declare it to the volunteer as being their selected card.

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