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Stop When U Like

The effect of the trick
The performer/magician asks a spectator to deal cards onto the table until they want to stop. The last card they deal is turned face up and is shown to be the same card as identified in a note written beforehand by the performer.

Before you begin the trick
On a piece of paper write down “The card you stop at will be the 8 of Diamonds”. Put the note loose inside your wallet and then put your wallet along with the 8 of Diamonds into your pocket.

How this sleight of hand card trick is done:

Give the pack of cards to the spectator and ask them to shuffle them, then they are to deal them onto the table and stop just whenever they want to. Emphasise that they should deal the cards anywhere on the table, NOT in a neat pile. Note: This is important for the trick to work

Whilst they’re dealing the cards, take out your wallet and keep the 8 of Diamonds hidden, face-down underneath it. Note: It’s important to practice this on your own a few times before doing the trick so you don’t risk fumbling and the card being seen.

When the spectator stops dealing, drop your wallet on top of the cards on the table, thereby adding the 8 of Diamonds to the pile.

You say: “Look inside my wallet” – The spectator finds and reads the note.

You ask: “What does the note say?” – They read it out aloud and as they do so you move the wallet and turn over the top card on the pile – it’s the same card as the one named in your note!

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