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The Effect
A spectator is asked to shuffle the cards, then remove any 12 cards from the pack and to further shuffle these 12. Whilst this is being done the magician writes a prediction on a piece of paper which he places face down on the table. 

The spectator now takes any 4 cards from his selected 12 cards and lays them in a row face up on the table. The remaining 8 cards are put with the rest of the pack. This is now taken up, and from it cards are dealt onto each of the face-up cards so as to bring its value to 10. For instance, if it’s a 4, then 6 cards are to be dealt on top of it. All picture cards, however, are valued at 10 so no cards are put on these.

This having been done, the total value of the 4 cards is ascertained. For example, supposing the 4 face-up cards happen to be the 3 of Hearts, the 7 of Clubs the Jack of Spades and the 4 of Diamonds, their total value would be 24. The card which lies at that number is now counted down to in the pack that remains. When it is turned over, amazingly matches the original prediction. 

This self-working trick requires no skill and can be done with a borrowed pack as long as the pack is complete. 

How is this card prediction trick done?

The spectator shuffles the pack and removes any 12 cards. Whilst they shuffle these you note the bottom card of the remaining pack; this is the prediction card. Write the name of the card on a piece of paper and put it to one side. Tell the spectator to remove any 4 cards and discard the rest. Drop the bulk of the pack on top of these – this places your prediction card 9th from the bottom. The spectator lays out his 4 cards and deals on each one enough cards to make up to 10. The total of the 4 face-up cards is obtained. Count down to this number and it will be the card you predicted.

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