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Double Cross

The performer asks a spectator to tell him to mix up some cards, following the performer’s instructions to the letter. No matter how much they’re mixed up, they end up in the same order as at the beginning of the trick. This entertaining and mystifying card trick can have the spectator almost tearing their hair out in frustration!

Before you begin this easy card trick:

A little bit of preparation is required before you perform this trick.

Take a full suit of 13 cards (any one of the 4 suits: hearts, spades, diamonds or clubs will do) and lay them down on the table, face up, in numerical order. Tell the spectator to make a special note of  the order of the cards.

Next, square them up and hold the cards face down in your left hand.

The fun part of the Double Cross card trick

Having first shown the spectator the suit of cards in numerical order and then taken them back into your hand, keeping them face down ….

You say: “You must tell me exactly how to deal these cards so we can be sure they’re thoroughly mixed”

Explain that the instructions you need from them are: “DEAL” and “DOUBLE CROSS”. When they say “DEAL” you’ll put one card on the table (face down) and when they “DOUBLE CROSS” you’ll take the next card from the pile in your hand, put it under the first one (on the same pile) and then deal both of them together on the table (again face down).

You then follow their instructions and deal the cards exactly as they say into a pile on the table.

You square up the pile and then suggest that to be sure the cards are really well mixed, you do it once more.

Once again you follow their instructions and deal the cards as they say into a pile.

Then, picking up the pile you say:

“You’re now going to see that no matter what you tell me to do with the cards, they will only do as I tell them!”

Turn the cards over face up, and spread them out in a line. All 13 cards will be in the same numerical order as at the beginning of the trick!

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