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Hands off the Pack!

This self-working card trick can be performed without your ever handling or even seeing the cards.

Ask a friend or spectactor to shuffle a pack of cards and then select any spot card. ie. not a picture card. Turn your back so that you can’t see what they are doing then ask them to place the selected card face down on top of the squared up pack. 

Next, tell them to remove its value in cards from the bottom of the pack and place them on top of it. For instance if they chose the 7 of clubs, they simply take 7 cards from the bottom and put them on the top, above their card. They  must do this silently giving no clue as to the number of cards they are moving.

Now ask them to deal the cards from the top of the pack one at a time on to the table, and call out the name of each card in turn. They must deal the cards without giving any clue in their voice until they have gone right past their own card until you tell them to stop. Then you name their card.

How this self-working card trick is done 

When they call out the cards, you simply ignore the first one, then in your head, count one, two, three, as they call out the remainder. When they call out a card which corresponds with the number you are counting, then this will usually be the card, but let then go on further for a few cards and stop them and surprise them by naming their card.

Occasionally, more than one card will correspond with your silent count but if this happens you have to guess which is their card and if they say no then straight away call out the other.

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