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Impossible Mind Reader

The Effect

The spectator is asked to shuffle some playing cards. the magician lays them out face up in rows and asks the spectator is asked to memorise a card. The magician reveals their selected card, by seemingly reading their mind! A beautifully simple and easy card trick to perform.

Here is how the Impossible Mind Reader card trick is done

Remove 25 cards from the pack and ask the spectator to shuffle and cut the cards as much as they want.

Lay the 25 cards out in 5 rows of 5 cards each, face upwards from left to right in a grid pattern.

Ask the spectator to think of any one of the cards in any row and to tell you which row their card is located in. When they tell you, note the card* at the left hand end of the row.

Take up the cards, beginning at the last or right hand card of the bottom line and place it on the face of the card immediately above it.

Then place these 2 cards on top of the card immediately above, and so on up to the top. If you do this with each of the rows in turn, you should be left with 5 piles of cards on what was the top row.

Collect up the cards, placing the 5th (right hand) pile on top of the 4th, then this stack on top of the 3rd, then on top of the 2nd, etc, until you’re left with a single stack of cards.

Then, keeping the cards face up, deal them into another 5 horizontal rows as before.

Ask the spectator to tell you once again which row their card is located in. When they tell you, look along the top or the bottom row for the card which you noted earlier. Above it or below in the row to which they now point, is the card which they originally thought of.

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