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We have compiled no less than 8 categories of free card tricks for you to explore. From easy to unusual, mathematical to poker card tricks and more!

Free Card Tricks – Sheer Variety!

Most of these card tricks are self-working and reasonably fool-proof whilst others take more time to master. This is often because they require a technique called sleight of hand. Sleight of hand with playing cards can involve any one of a number of different techniques (eg. shuffling or cutting the cards in special way). These are not particularly difficult techniques – they just require a little practice.

Sleight of hand can make a big difference to the variety of your performance, which explains why many card magicians make a point of learning it. Whilst card tricks using sleight might be impressive to your audience, friends or family, we don’t recommend using any of the techniques when playing blackjack or poker! If the concept of card sleights interests you, we have compiled a special page of information and instructions on how to perform some of the basic techniques used with playing cards. Check out our page on card sleights.

For those people who are more numerically inclined, you will probably want to check out the mathematical card tricks in the block of links above. The sheer variety of trick that you can do is amazing and if you take the time to learn just a few of these free card tricks, you can be on your way to becoming a master card magician.

“Card Tricks to Amaze and Entertain Friends and Family”

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