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Magic Name Prediction

The effect:
The magician gets some members of the audience to shout out the names of around a dozen different famous people – either dead or alive and writes them down on pieces of paper which are then mixed up in a hat. The magician then writes down a prediction. A member of the audience picks one of the pieces of paper and reads out the name written on it and it is seen to be the name that the magician predicted.

How this mental magic trick is done:

Make sure you have available around a dozen pieces of paper, a piece of coloured card, a pen and a hat. Ask a member of your audience to call out a famous name then write this name down on a piece of paper and drop it into the hat. Request another name but this time instead of writing down the name which is called out to you, actually write down once again the first name that was called. This means of course that both of the pieces of paper in the hat have the same name written on them.

Carry on in this manner apparently writing down names which are called out from other members of the audience but in fact writing down the same name all the time until you have around a dozen pieces of paper in the hat all with the same name on them. At this point you now make a big show of making your prediction (the same name again) the piece of coloured card which you place somewhere where it is in sight of the audience but to where they cannot see the name. Next, get a member of your audience to shake up the hat containing all the pieces of paper and dip in their hand to choose one of them which they must then read aloud. Of course now you simply need only to show that you magically predicted the name and possibly more importantly to get rid of all the other pieces of paper in the hat so that no wonder realises your deception!

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