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The Mind Reading Magic Trick

This Mind Reading trick is a very audacious mental magic trick and you will be amazed at just how much you can fool an audience.

The Magic Effect:
The magician tells the audience that he has the power to transmit thoughts from his powerful mind without the need to speak and that he will now demonstrate this principle in full view! A spectator is chosen and asked to leave the room and whilst this person is out of the room, the magician invites the others in the audience to quietly choose a number between 1 and 10 and this will be the number that he will transmit to the absent spectator upon their return. 

The absent spectator is brought back into the room and asked to place their fingertips on the temples of the magician who magically transmits the number without speaking a word. The spectator who had been absent during the choosing of the number now magically reveals the number to the audience. Apparently this number has been conveyed from the magician’s mind by mental energy alone!

Before you begin
Make sure you have a stooge in the audience who will help you with this magic trick.

How this mental magic trick is done:

When the stooge who has been out of the room, touches the magician’s temples, the number is conveyed to the stooge by the subtle action of the magician clenching his jaw. When a person clenches their jaw, they automatically cause their temples to pulse. In this manner the magician is able to clench his jaw the exact number of times to correspond with the number chosen whilst the stooge was out of the room. All the stooge have to do is count and then reveal the number!

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