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Aces High Poker Card Trick

This is a really simple but entertaining little card trick in which you can produce in a novel fashion, a superb poker hand of cards.

The effect:
From a shuffled pack, the four aces mysteriously rise to the top.

You will need to secretly separate the 4 aces from the pack and put them on top of the deck. 

Here’s how the Aces High poker card trick is done:

First of all, give the cards a shuffle using the number 3 technique in our False Shuffles page (in our Card Sleights section of this web site) Ask a spectator to cut the deck into four, more or less equal separate stacks in front of you in a line on the table. As they do this make sure that you remember which of the four stacks has the four aces on top!

Beginning with the pile or stack furthest away from the one with the aces, ask the spectator to take the top three cards and place them on the bottom of that stack then to take the next three top cards of the same stack and place one on top of each of the other 3 stacks. Have them repeat this action with each of the other three stacks, making sure that the one with the aces is the last one they perform this action upon. 

Finally, ask the spectator to turn over the top cards of each stack and they will be amazed to find that they have an ideal poker hand: the 4 Aces!

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