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Revealing Aces Poker Card Trick

First of all you need to stack the deck! Seperate the Aces and Kings from an ordinary poker deck placing the 4 Aces on top of the other cards and the Kings on top of the Aces. Kings are now uppermost in the deck.

How This Poker Card Trick Is Done

Get a spectator to take the pack and deal out two piles, alternating cards as they go.

After they have dealt around half the deck, say: “You can feel free to stop anytime you wish”. Take the undealt deck of cards and place them aside.

Next get the spectator to pick up one of the two piles and deal it into two smaller piles. Get them to do the same with the other pile so that you end up with 4 piles of cards. At this point there should be a king on the top of every pile.

Ask the spectator to turn up the top card of any pile to show that it is a king. Turn over another – another king! Coincidence. All the top cards are seen to be Kings!

Once the spectator has turned up all 4 kings, discard them.

Ask your audience “Anyone here a poker player? What beats four kings? Yes… 4 ACES – that’s right!”

After a few magical gestures with your hand over the four piles, turn up the top card of each pile to reveal – 4 ACES.

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