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The Royal Flush Poker Deal

Pre-arrange your deck so that the cards that make a Royal Flush (Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10) of any suit you like are actually on top of the deck. The cards can be in any order.

How To Perform The Royal Flush Card Trick

First, riffle shuffle the deck of cards a couple of times, retaining the five pre-arranged cards in the same place. Then make a false cut and hand it to a spectator. Ask them to deal five poker hands, face down. Tell your spectator and audience that generally in a poker deal, the cards will be of a fairly mediocre value.

Next, pick up the hands one at a time and show the poker value BUT try not to draw too much attention to the first card in each hand (from your set up). Drop each hand face down on the rest of the pack. 

You have now arranged the deck in such a way that it will give the dealer a royal flush so you tell your spectator/audience that luck in a poker game is no real substitute for skill and as you say this, make a few false shuffles and cuts.

Finally, deal five hands in such a way that you the dealer get the Royal flush and reveal this by turning the cards one at a time for a greater effect.

It’s worth remembering that the ace of spades is probably the most conspicuous card in the deck and it is generally not a good idea to use spades for this reason in your set up.

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