Poker Cities

Las Vegas
Las Vegas in Nevada seems to be very unlikely place to be the gambling capital of the world. You could say that Las Vegas was founded in the early 19th century when it was ideal place to why contains to stop and rest as they made their way along the old Spanish Trail between Santa Fe and Los Angeles. At that time he did not seem to have good prospects. In 1905 Las Vegas is fortunes changed with the arrival of the Union Pacific railway but it was only after the 1920s and 1930s that the boom in Las Vegas really began. Really it was the building of the Hoover Dam with its 3 1/2 thousand workforce which provided much of the cash which would be eventually pouring into the games of poker which flourished all around.

In 1931, gaming was legalised in Las Vegas and it soon became known as the home of all-night gambling. Many individuals came to Las Vegas from other cities with their knowledge of the casino industry to start a gambling clubs and of course eventually gangsters such as Bugsy Siegel were also attracted to this booming city. Although the post war depression of the late 40s forced casinos into a damaging price war, this was finally resolved with an agreement to standardise odds and an agreement to fix limits and after this Las Vegas never really looked back.

New Orleans
One could say the poker was born in New Orleans during the early 19th century and that it grew more rapidly here particularly in the area known as the swamp (the New Orleans waterfront) than in any other city or town in North America. At that time commercial gambling was permitted and there was said to be more gambling venues in New Orleans than in any other American city.

This was the time of the professional card sharps who frequented the New Orleans and Mississippi river boats and in particular the swamp the gambling was rife. Most of these card 'dens' were not on the level and many scams were practised by unscrupulous conmen. In fact many of the card sharps victims were the boatmen who travelled the Mississippi River on cargo rafts headed for New Orleans.