The Glide

The glide is an extremely useful way of keeping the bottom card of the pack on the bottom of the deck while it looks to the audience as though you are dealing it to the table or even handing it to a spectator.

Here's how you perform the glide sleight of hand:

Let's take as our example the King of Diamonds which you have on the bottom of the pack. This is the card that you want the audience to believe you are dealing to the table.

Firstly you need to take the pack in your left hand as shown in photo number one. You need your thumb to be on one of the long sides and the first three fingers of your left hand along the other. The pack is supported by your little finger as you show the bottom card: the King of Diamonds to your spectators.

Next turn your hand over so that your palm is facing down and at the same time, using the tips of your second and third fingers, pull the bottom card - the King of Diamonds back approximately 1 cm.

Once you have this bottom card pulled back a centimetre (see photo number two), it is relatively easy to pull the next card -- in our example that five of clubs from what looks like the bottom of the pack and to deal it face down onto the table. To the audience it looks as though you have simply dealt the king of diamonds - the bottom card of the pack as they saw it, onto the table - but in fact you have retained this card on the bottom of the pack.