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Seeing Red

The effect of the trick
The performer writes down a prediction and ask the spectator to choose a number from 1 to 10. The performer then deals ten cards (pre-arranged – see below) and from these shows how the chosen number has fulfilled the prediction made at the start of the trick.

Before you begin the trick
Have a piece of paper and pencil ready. Use two packs of cards with different designs on the back – eg. for the purpose of these instructions we’ll imagine you have a red-backed pack and a blue-backed pack. Taking the red-backed pack, remove any card from a black suit. From the blue-backed pack, remove any eight black cards plus any one red card.

Taking these ten cards, arrange them in a stack and alternate them with one card face up, the next one face down and so on. This means that when you deal them in a line from left to right, the third card from the left has a red back and the fourth card from the left is of a red suit.

Here’s how the card trick is done 

Say: “To start this trick I’m going to make a prediction.”

On a piece of paper write down “YOU WILL SELECT A RED CARD“. Fold the paper and give to a spectator to keep safe until later.

Ask a spectator to choose a number from 1 to 10. The number they choose dictates your next move – as follows ….

If they choose 1, 2, 5, 6, 9 or 10 – you spell the number and tap a card from left to right for each letter as you do it.
(Numbers 1, 2, 6 and 10 have three letters each and take you to the third card in the line working from left to right. Numbers 5 and 9 have four letters each so take you to the fourth card in the line).

If they choose number 3 or 4 you count along the row from left to right.
If they choose number 7 or 8 you count along the row from right to left.

Whichever way and whichever number is chosen, you will end up on either the third or fourth card from the left.

You say: “Now let’s reveal my prediction.”

If it is the third card – you turn all the face-up cards face-down. Then turn over the third card to reveal a red back.
If it is the fourth card – turn all the face-down cards face up. The fourth card will be the only red card ie. (red suit).

Ask the spectator to take the piece of paper you gave them earlier and read what it says.

You say: “So my predication came true.”

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