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The effect of this trick
The performer puts both a coin and a playing card, one on top of the other on their finger tip. They issue a challenge to a spectator do the same and then remove the card from their finger without touching the coin, leaving the coin still on their finger. The spectator fails, leaving the performer to show them just how it’s done.

Before you perform the trick
The key to the success of this trick is practice. Make sure you can do it well enough to succeed every time.You need just one card from a new pack of cards and a copper or silver/nickel coin.

The coin must be exactly in place over the ball (inside end tip)of your finger. With the card and coin balanced on your left-hand index finger, flick your right hand index finger from under and up against the edge of one end of the card. The card should fly up and leave the coin still on your finger.

Here’s how the trick is done 
Take the selected card and place it on the inside tip of your index finger – NB. if you’re right-handed place it on your left-hand index finger and vice versa for left-handed people. Position your chosen coin on top of the card but directly and exactly over the tip of your finger. You say: “I’m willing to bet that I can remove this card but leave the coin still on my finger. Can you?” Encourage a spectator to try it for themselves. Chances are that without knowing the precise technique they will not be able to do it. You then show them how it’s done!

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