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David Blaine - Card Through Window Card Trick

So just how could you throw a playing card through a window? Here we show David Blaine doing just that!

He asks a spectator to pick a card without him seeing it and to replace it in the pack. The spectator shuffles the deck and Blaine throws the cards against a nearby window. When the spectator looks at the window, the chosen card is seen to be sticking to it, even more remarkably, the card is on the inside of the window. Watch the video and then learn how it’s done.

The following is a slightly easier way of performing this magic trick – but with just as much flair ….

How to Perform the Card Through Window Card Trick

To perform this stunning card trick you will need the following: a deck of cards, a pair of duplicate cards (eg. 2 x Ace of Hearts), a little magician’s wax (or beeswax will do just as well) plus an assistant or helper.

Performing the magic trick
Stop a passer by in the street and tell them that you like to show them a spectacular card trick. Quickly cut the cards and give them a good shuffle. Explain to the Spectator that you are going to riffle through the cards and that you would like them to tell you when to stop. Proceed to do this and allow them to take a card. If they are with someone, ask them to show their card to their friend. Let’s say, for example, that they choose the Ace of Hearts. Ask them to replace the card in the deck anywhere they like. Now give the cards another good shuffle and look through the cards but tell them that you can’t find their card which seems to have vanished. Next, all of a sudden throw the cards at a nearby window. Your spectator will be astonished to see that their card has now appeared on the other side of the glass as if by magic!

NOTE: In the video above of David Blaine performing the card through window magic trick, he forces the 8 of Spades onto the spectator. This is probably done by having a small stack of identical 8 of Spades cards on top of the deck which he later removes after forcing the card and whilst the spectator is showing his card to his friends.

There is a slightly easier way of performing this magic trick – but with just as much flair ….

Card Through Window Trick – Alternative Version

It’s not a particularly difficult trick to perform but it does require the use of sleight of hand.

Firstly, perform a false cut in order to keep the Ace of Hearts on the bottom of the deck. Then false shuffle the Ace to the top of the pack. Next, perform the riffle force to make sure that they take the Ace. Once they’ve taken note of the Ace of Hearts and replaced it in the deck, look through the cards and claim that their card is missing. Then, in a bold move, throw the deck of cards at the window. The spectator will be shocked to see their Ace of Hearts behind the glass. Of course this isn’t actually real magic as the Ace was secured there by your assistant or helper with beeswax or magicians wax just before you began to perform the trick!

One of the most important things to remember is that you must make sure that your spectator doesn’t see the card before you get to throw the deck at it. You will probably realise that the best means of doing this is misdirection of some sort – ideally the flamboyance of your performance 😉

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