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Please select one of the above links to explore just some of the many card tricks that David Blaine has used to astonish and entertain people all over the world. If you prefer, you can read the following to help you decide which of these amazing card trick secrets you’d like to discover first.

Card Through Window
A stunning example of the type of card trick which has made  David Blaine famous throughout the world. The secret to this magic trick is really quite simple but the trick is nevertheless extremely effective. David asks a spectator to pick a card and to replace it in the pack. The deck is shuffled and then in a  dramatic flourish, David throws the deck against a nearby window and the spectator  is astonished to see the chosen card sticking to the inside  of the window. How card through window trick is done

Card Jump
This is a trick which is brilliant in its simplicity. The top card of the pack is turned face up to show it to the spectator and then turned face down, removed from the top and replaced in the centre of the pack. After squaring up the deck, David clicks his fingers and the card is shown to have returned instantly to the top of the deck. Learn the trick

Look for a Card
David asks a spectator to choose a card and he quickly riffles through the deck. After a card is selected, he then asks the spectator to shuffle the deck and to try and find the card which he chose. The card is not there and David Blaine reaches into the spectators pocket and produces the card that the spectator selected. Learn the trick

Card in a Bottle
David Blaine gets a spectator to sign a card and replace it in the deck then to shuffle the cards. In a dramatic fashion, Blaine then throws the cards at a bottle positioned behind the spectators and as if by magic, the card which was signed can be seen in the bottle. How card in a bottle is done

2 Card Monte
This is David Blaine’s variation on the classic 3 card monte which has long been used as a means of taking money from unsuspecting members of the public on the streets of countless cities around the world. In his version, David Blaine shows a spectator the Queen of Diamonds on top of the deck and they are then asked to hold the Queen face down on their hand. He proceeds to show the next top card which is the Queen of Hearts. After a few confusing gestures with the cards, the spectator is told to guess which Queen is which? However, when they turn over the cards, they realise they are not holding any Queens at all but instead 2 Aces! How the 2 Card Monte is done

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