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David Blaine Impresses Tyra Banks With Card Tricks

David Blaine Impresses American supermodel/chat show host Tyra Banks by performing very skilful card sleights out on the streets of New York.
A selected card is buried deep into the deck of cards and after the wrong card is apparently revealed by David Blaine, this wrong card is torn up but somehow magically restored into the originally selected card! This is the first of two card tricks on this video clip.

Here’s how the (first) trick is done 

The first thing that David does in this highly entertaining video is to force the two of spades onto Tyra. There are various methods of doing this and you can find them in our card sleights section. Prior to performing the trick, David Blaine had pre-prepared another two of spades which was lying at the top of the deck right on top of the ace of clubs.

As the trick progresses, Tyra puts her card back into the deck, and David Blaine makes out that he’s trying to get it to the top of the deck where in reality as stated above, the two of spades is positioned.  Pretending he didn’t succeed, Blaine secretly uses the double lift to make it look as if the top card is the ace of clubs. He then replaces both cards and tears up the top card which is in fact the two of spades (although Tyra is convinced it’s the ace of clubs). As he asks her to hold onto the torn up two of spades, he does his best to misdirect her so she doesn’t notice the change that he has made.

Blaine then uses the ‘snap/flip change’ sleight to change the other two of spades into the ace of clubs and asks her to examine the card in her hands (which to her astonishment is the two of spades). While she’s examining the card in a state of slight confusion,, he puts his two of spades at the bottom of the deck secretly folding it in the process.

This done, he takes the torn card from Tyra’s hands showing it to the camera. When he apparently gives her the card back however, he doesn’t in fact give her the torn card from his right hand, but rather the one he folded from his left hand making absolutely   sure that she squeezes it right away, and thus making it impossible for her to spot the switch. This bold move needs to be done smoothly with both a lot of confidence and misdirection so that Tyra is none the wiser. At this point, all that remains is forl Blaine to reveal that the card is no longer torn and he has performed an impossible card trick/illusion!

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