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David Blaine - Look For a Card - Trick

David asks a spectator to select a card as he quickly riffles through the deck. He then asks the spectator to shuffle the deck and afterwards to find the card which he chose. The spectator is unable to find his card on the deck and David Blaine reaches into the spectators pocket and produces the king of clubs which will be the card that the spectator selected.

The Secret as to How to Perform This Incredible Card Trick:

In the video above, David Blaine forces the Queen of Spades on the spectator but in our example we’ll use the King of clubs.

You will need to secretly plant the King of clubs into the spectators pocket at some point before you perform this trick. Also you will need to prearrange the deck as follows: Place all face cards except of course (a) the King of clubs (which you have already hidden on the spectator) and (b) the King of spades, to the rear of the deck. To the front of the deck (as it faces the spectator) you need to put the spades, the 10 spades at the front. Behind the 10 put a few hearts and diamonds excluding aces or face cards then the following cards in this order: 10 of clubs, 9 clubs, 8 clubs, King of spades, 7 clubs, 6 of clubs, 5 of clubs, 4 of clubs, 3 clubs, 2 clubs and finally the ace of clubs. Then put the rest of the red cards followed by the face cards.


Now, hold the deck vertically in your left hand near to the bottom letting the spectator clearly see the bottom card then ask him to think of a card that he sees but preferably a high card because that will be more difficult. Next, riffle smoothly through the cards letting them flow evenly from the tip of your finger but don’t riffle the last quarter of the deck as this would reveal more face cards. This process should take only take a few seconds. As the King of spades is the only face card in the beginning part of the deck, that is the card that will be forced upon your spectator. The reason for this is because the king of spades is in the middle of all the clubs, your spectator will believe he has seen the King of clubs!

Finally, give the cards to your spectator and ask him to shuffle them well thus thoroughly mixing them and losing your pre-arrangement, then ask him to find the King of clubs which he believes he saw and of course he will be unable to find it. All that remains now is for you to direct him to the spot that you secretly planted to the King of clubs — in his pocket or wherever and this baffling card trick illusion is complete.

At the end of the above video, David Blaine reveals the selected card by means of a sleight of hand known as the snap change. This particular sleight of hand was featured in the hit movie film: ‘Now You See Me’ Here below is a video which demonstrates exactly how to perform the snap change. Remember practice makes perfect! 

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