David Blaines Card Through Window Trick

David asks a spectator to pick a card without him seeing it and to replace it in the pack.

The spectator shuffles the deck and Blaine throws the cards against a nearby window. When the spectator looks at the window, the chosen card is seen to be sticking to it - even more astonishingly, the card is on the inside of the window! See the Video

How to Perform This Stunning Card Trick:
You will need to use two identical packs of cards and the help of an accomplice and to perform this trick somewhere where there is a large window nearby. Make sure also that your spectator is facing away from the window.

Ask the spectator to choose a card from the deck, memorise it and without showing you, replace the card in the pack. Then, invite him to shuffle the deck and make sure that it is thoroughly mixed. Next, quite out of the blue, take the pack from him and throw it at the window, where the cards will hit the window and fall to the ground except the chosen card which will be sticking to the window - on the inside!

How did you achieve this miracle? Well, your accomplice was of course busy on the other side of the glass using magician's wax or sticky tape to secure the card whilst you were performing the first part of the card trick. Your accomplice had caught a glimpse of the chosen card and removed a duplicate from his second deck to place it in position behind the window before smartly walking away!
Remember, it is important to pick up the fallen cards quickly to avoid the risk of your spectators seeing to duplicate card. Also, if you don't want the risk of your accomplice not seeing the chosen card then you need to force the card on your spectator.